NFL Rumors: How can this outrageous Bills trade scenario for Aaron Donald make headlines?

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You know it's the NFL offseason, a.k.a. crazy trade scenario time when the zaniest and most outlandish trade scenarios imaginable start surfacing, and the authors of those trades do so with a straight face. Well, we are 'there,' LA Rams fans and the NFL is getting about as far out there as I have ever seen in its history.

Perhaps the LA Rams are partially to blame. Nobody ever thought that the Detroit Lions would trade the face of their franchise, quarterback Matthew Stafford, and yet he was traded to the Rams in 2021. The same could be said of Denver Broncos icon OLB Von Miller, who was traded to the very same LA Rams in 2021. Two trades that folks thought would never happen, did. And the LA Rams were responsible.

A rare string of Rams good fortune

Still, those trades were not components of some conspiracy theory campaign to get a Super Bowl win for the newly returned Rams to Los Angeles, California. In Stafford's case, the player himself asked to be traded, and the LA Rams simply wanted him more by offering up the most competitive package to attain him. In the case of Von Miller, the Denver Broncos had an injured veteran who was making a ton of money on an expiring contract, and likely looking for a pay raise. The timing was simply the right time for the Broncos to part ways

In both cases, the LA Rams were incredibly lucky in the fact that in both cases, a necessary upgrade of the roster to compete at a Super Bowl level presented itself at just the right time. We can take that one step further, citing the additional roster transaction of signing free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. just before veteran WR Robert Woods season ended his season with an injury.

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To win a Super Bowl, NFL teams need a tremendous amount of good luck, and the LA Rams were very fortunate on their way to Super Bowl LVI.