NFL Rumors: How can this outrageous Bills trade scenario for Aaron Donald make headlines?

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This outrageous Bills trade scenario

I wanted to cite the specific conditions that existed when the LA Rams made those surprising but incredibly beneficial trades in 2021, because there are a rash of outrageous trade scenarios that continue to pop up now that are beyond fathomable, but are making headlines. The latest one is a spitballed trade scenario that is so beyond reason that I fear in Madden Football or online football GM simulators would void. It was proposed by Joe Dibiase, and it goes like this:

Let me reiterate that. In this scenario, the Buffalo Bills would offer up a complete bust defensive lineman named Ed Oliver, and a late first-round draft pick that would likely be the equivalent of an early second-round draft pick, for LA Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald. So why are so few tossing the BS flag on this one?

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After seeing it, I still don't believe it

Let's put that into a trade graphic so that we can all get a chuckle:

Bills trade for Aaron Donald

Okay, perhaps casual NFL fans do not detect the parody of this trade. So let's help you all out with that a bit. How? By comparing 2022 and career stats of the two players. Shall we proceed?

  • Name Period #Games Snaps Tkls QB Sacks QB Hits
  • Aaron Donald 2022 11 616 49 6 11
  • Aaron Donald Career 138 7603 490 103 237
  • Ed Oliver 2022 13 527 34 2.5 14
  • Ed Oliver Career 62 2284 151 14.5 151

So what jumps out at you in the above data table? Could it be that in fewer games, Aaron Donald is at an entirely different level than Ed Oliver? Or is it the fact that is little more than twice the number of games, and double teamed blocking, Donald has more than triple the number of tackles and six times the number of quarterback sacks?

My intention is not to disparage Ed Oliver. He is an NFL starter on the Buffalo Bills defensive front and is in the last year of his rookie contract. Aaron Donald has two more seasons remaining on his contract extension, although there is an option to sever the contract after the 2023 NFL season