NFL Rumors: LA Rams are a logical landing spot for disgruntled Eagles pass rusher

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derek Barnett
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derek Barnett / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

While the LA Rams finished the 2022 NFL season with a record of 5-12, the LA Rams had multiple trade negotiations with the Carolina Panthers during the year. But perhaps the most intriguing non-event of the entire 2022 NFL season for the Rams was the fact that they were dealing up to the end. The Rams failed to trade for Panthers DE Brian Burns, a whiff that forced the Rams to rethink their entire roster-building strategy.

Despite failing, or perhaps more likely because of that failure, the LA Rams chose tro release veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd after emptying the outside linebacker room of all but their rookie players. And as you may have guess, the Rams defense is desperate for pass rushers now.

Which sets up what I am about to discuss next:

Rams make perfect landing spot for Eagles DE Barnett

If the Rams were so hot and heavy to land Brian Burns a year ago, then it falls to reason that the Rams will almost certainly inquire about the asking price and situation surrounding Philadelphia Eagles disgruntled pass rusher, DE Derek Barnett:

So does Barnett fit the bill for the LA Rams revised strategy of playing to win in 2024? Let's compare Burns and Barnett to find out:

  • Burns | 25 y.o. | 6-foot-5 250-pound | 951 snaps | 12.5 sacks | 63 tackles
  • Barnett | 27 y.o. | 6-foot-3 259-pound | 12 snaps | 0.0 sacks | 0 tackles

Derek Barnett was the Eagles first round selection in the 2017 NFL. But his rookie season was his best of his NFL career, when he recorded 5.0 quarterback sacks and 21 tackles. Due to an ACL injury last season, Barnett enters the 2023 NFL season as an Eagles third string pass rusher. He's due for a change of address.

The Eagles have one of the best pass-rushing defenses in the NFL, which is why they were one of several NFL teams to watch as roster cuts take place to potentially upgrade the Rams pass rush. While we did not name Derek Barnett in that article, we had no expectation that he would become available. But this latest bit of news changes everything.

Here's our proposal:

Rams trade for Derek Banett

Let's face it. Discussions with Eagles fans suggest that many do not even want him on the Eagles roster. But for the LA Rams, who are starving for any type of pass rush, Barnett is an instant and immediate upgrade.

A fifth round pick is more than ample compensation for a player who is likely to be at the bottom of the Eagles depth chart, and a conditional 2024 NFL Draft pick can include incentives as to games and or defensives snaps played, as well as Rams season requirements

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In short, this is a win-win scenario that could dramatically benefit both teams. And that is what makes this scenario something to watch closely.