NFL Rumors: LA Rams had buyer's remorse over Allen Robinson in 2022

Allen Robinson
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The LA Rams appear more and more like a Keystone Cops movie, a comedy of errors that plagued the team throughout the entirety of the 2022 NFL season. Of course, the LA Rams are gamblers, which unto itself dictates the results could be incredibly impressive, but can equally be dismally disappointing. The result of the gambles in 2021 was winning Super Bowl LVI. The results of the gambles in 2022 was a 5-12 season that was so disappointing that the entire LA Rams organization is now trying to undo almost everything done in 2022.

The most intriguing, and yet befuddling, Rams roster move in 2022 was the signing of free agent wide receiver Allen Robinson. He was a player who appeared to expand the Rams offense capacity, a healthy version of Odell Beckham Jr., who could make contested catches and who could put up 1000+ yards in an NFL season if used properly.

Of course, by used properly, we mean actually throwing passes to the guy. That was not the case, as Allen Robinson was never targeted more than seven times in a game. By the LA Rams BYE week, the team had played six games, and Robinson had just 17 catches from 29 targets, 170 yards, and two touchdowns. Those were more like WR4 numbers, not WR2 numbers. That prompted the LA Rams to seek another team willing to trade for Robinson before the November 1, 2022 NFL Trade Deadline:

The problem was not Robinson, but rather quarterback Matthew Stafford's progressions and the rush to throw to either WR Cooper Kupp or TE Tyler Higbee. As has been the case with other receivers, the front office added a player, but the offense failed miserably to adapt and include Robinson in the game plans.

It's not you, it's the LA Rams

This is neither shade tossed at the LA Rams, nor is it any type of ridicule or hate. It's simply a bit shocking and surprising to learn that the Rams front office and the coaching staff were so wildly out of synch. The Rams struggled to find meaningful use for WR Tutu Atwell and TE/WR Jacob Harris as well, despite the team's investment of a valuable draft pick into each player.

We've been operating under the impression that injuries sank the LA Rams 2022 NFL season. But if these Rams rumors are true, there were more challenges in 2022 than simply trying to keep players healthy. That would certainly help to explain the sudden and quite dramatic retreat that the team is undertaking with a number of highly paid veterans.

We've seen this before when the LA Rams loaded up with QB Jared Goff, WR Brandin Cooks, and RB Todd Gurley. The Rams were all in all those players too, but quickly soured on them, outright releasing Gurley, and trading both Cooks and Goff. Now, in 2023, it appears that history repeats itself.

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With this new evidence, we have to face the truth. It's not just the players, but the LA Rams as well. And with that in mind, 2023 resembles 2020 more and more