NFL Rumors: LA Rams prepared to release OLB Leonard Floyd

Leonard Floyd
Leonard Floyd / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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There is no denying the fact that the LA Rams have taken the entire process about preparing for the 2023 NFL season quite seriously. Whether or not you are pleased with the approach that the Rams are taking this offseason, they are taking it nevertheless. The message has been consistent, it has aligned with expectations, and the LA Rams have now committed to parting ways with up to four key veteran contributors.

The latest NFL Rumors swirling about the LA Rams now centers upon veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, the standard-bearer of the Vic Fangio-Brandon Staley style of defense who signed on with the LA Rams in the 2020 off-season. Floyd, while not an NFL leader in quarterback sacks, has been a Steady-Freddy in terms of his production. Since joining the Rams, Floyd nas never racked up fewer than nine quarterback sacks and 55 tackles.

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But this is an LA Rams team that is clearly intent on reconfiguring, refurnishing, and restocking the defense. As a result, the LA Rams are now rumored to be seeking a trade of Floyd, and if that falls through, will outright release him:

So the question that everyone is asking is: What kind of strategy is this?

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Of course, if NFL teams believe that Leonard Floyd will be released, why offer anything for him at all? Wouldn't it make more sense to wait it out and then rush the guy's agent with a contract offer?