NFL Rumors: LA Rams prepared to release OLB Leonard Floyd

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Why the LA Rams may be crazy like a fox

Okay, so a significant number of LA Rams have already caught the biggest flaw with this type of 'trade or release,' strategy, which is why would any team want to trade for a veteran outside linebacker if, by waiting, they can merely sign him to a new contract and not give the LA Rams anything?

Ah, there is a method to the LA Rams madness, isn't there? Well, yes, there usually is. Now the only question is how much effort will be required to excavate the reasoning behind their actions. The LA Rams, whether the team trades or releases Leonard Floyd, will merely save $3 million from the 2023 NFL salary cap. But the team may not be viewing this as a 2023-only type of move. As with WR Allen Robinson, ILB Bobby Wagner, and DB Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Floyd will be north of the landmark age of 30 when the 2023 NFL season begins. That is often the age when the LA Rams find cause to part ways with a veteran.

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Rams saw this day coming two years ago

Also, per, the latest contract negotiated with Leonard Floyd allows for an out clause, a severable contract after two years, which happens to be in 2023. That suggests that rather than be a reaction to the disappointing 2022 NFL season, this move was anticipated two years ago.

Finally, the LA Rams have a pretty solid contract in place for Leonard Floyd. His salary, the part that would transfer to any team trading for him, is only $13 million in 2023 and $13.5 million in 2024. That ranks Floyd below the NFL Top-10 players at the position, and that will drop significantly with the 2023 free agency signings. If you are a team in need of a pass rusher, say like the LA Chargers, why wouldn't you be willing to part with a fifth-round draft pick to lock in a veteran who can play the position for below market wages?

The LA Rams may be crazy, but upon investigation, they may be crazy like a fox