NFL Rumors: LA Rams prepared to release OLB Leonard Floyd

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Rams appear to be drafting defense in 2023

As I have anticipated, the sudden willingness of the LA Rams to part ways with their leading ILB, OLB, and DB suggests to me that the LA Rams have not made the offensive line a huge priority in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Rams could not possibly be willing to part ways with so many defensive starters for so little return on salary cap savings if the team did not plan to reload the roster for those positions in the draft.

Cornerbacks, outside linebackers? This 2023 draft class is loaded with talent. And if the Rams follow through with what appears to be more and more likely their 2023 draft strategy, the team could plan to load up on multiple DBs, OLBs, and IDLs. in fact, the Rams could view this draft class as the source of up to four starters on defense in 2023.

There is more to this offseason than the 2023 NFL Draft

How does that all translate into the offense? I believe that this team will be seeking a developmental quarterback, perhaps a wide receiver, and maybe one offensive lineman. When in the draft will the LA Rams address those positions? Perhaps not as quickly as fans wish. After all, of the Rams 10 draft picks, eight occur on Day 3.

While that may concern you, have faith. The LA Rams have an excellent track record of rebounding, and while the NFL rumors may not be all positive news, the best plan is to withhold judgement of how this offseason looks until we have a fully developed image. I believe that the best elements of the Rams offseason will emerge during and after the 2023 NFL Draft. This team has had strong success with undrafted free agent rookie signings.

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Changes are coming. But from a longer-term view, the Rams may be planning to swallow poison pills in 2023 so that their 2024 and beyond seasons are no longer fettered with outlandishly expensive contracts. In the meantime, grab a cup of joe because the LA Rams are clearly willing to shake up their roster this offseason. The biggest question is, what kind of success will all of these changes yield in 2023?