NFL Rumors: Like it or not, LA Rams linked to trade scenario for Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

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No, this Rams rumor does not thrill me

While I'm not overly excited or thrilled at the news, the truth is that the LA Rams are going to do what is best for the LA Rams. And right now, that could mean inquiring over a possible trade scenario with the Indianapolis Colts for disgruntled running back Jonathan Taylor. Does it make sense for the Rams roster in its current state?

To be honest, Jonathan Taylor is such a gifted offensive weapon that he makes complete sense for all of the other 31 NFL teams to investigate. And while I can only speculate, I am confident that they are all doing their own due diligence to investigate Taylor's interest and asking price.

But would Taylor make sense for the Rams today? Yes, yes he would.

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It feels like Deja Vu all over again

After all, we should be reminded that the LA Rams were once rumored to be in hot pursuit of Carolina Panthers' veteran running back Christian McCaffrey, a running back who the Rams ultimately lost in a ruthless bidding war to NFC West Division Rival, the San Francisco 49ers.

In hindsight, the perception that the Rams were one or two players away from returning to the NFL Playoffs was a gross overestimation. The Rams fell to 5-12, and the pursuit of McCaffrey would not have changed the inevitable demise of the Rams last season.

The Rams roster had run its course. Buoyed by the appearance in Super Bowl LIII and losing to the New England Patriots merely forged the team into hardened steel. The Rams front office simply built upon that existing foundation of young talented players to reach ever higher. Finally, the Rams did return to and win Super Bowl LVI.

But the Rams' foundation was no longer able to support such lofty heights. As starters fell to injuries, the Rams depth chart was unable to hold back the forces that drive all great teams back to the starting block.

The Rams were lucky to lose out on McCaffrey. After all, the Rams decided to shed their expensive veterans in the off-season. Players like ILB Bobby Wagner, OLB Leonard Floyd, DB Jalen Ramsey, and WR Allen Robinson were either traded or shown the door by the Rams organization in an attempt to reload the roster with young talent and create new fertile ground for the next Rams attempt to trade for game changers.