NFL Rumors: Like it or not, LA Rams linked to trade scenario for Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

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Rams have traded for disgruntled NFL veterans before

And that is what has fueled the latest NFL Rumors article from FanSided's Cody Williams, and a rather speculative but curious article that has portrayed five different trade scenarios that involve the Indianapolis Colts trading veteran running back Jonathan Taylor to one of five different NFL teams.

And yes, the Los Angeles Rams are among the five teams named.

So who are the five teams? Williams lists the Miami Dolphins, LA Rams, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs. Curiously, the teams are three from the AFC, and only two from the NFC. and of the teams listed, AFC teams are projected to compete for a berth in the NFL Playoffs, while neither the Rams nor the Bears are projected to be in the running for postseason competition this season.

So what are the Indianapolis Colts realistically expecting in return for Jonathan Taylor?:

So what does Cody Williams' trade scenario consist of for the Colts running back?

Rams Jonathan Taylor trade

Rams rumors: Trade package sans 1st round pick

Believe it or not, even as the LA Rams finally hold a first round pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, it appears that the Rams will have an opportunity to use that pick to make a selection, for now. You see, this scenario does not cost the Rams any first round pick, and nor should it. After all, not only will the team acquiring Jonathan Taylor be trading for the veteran running back, but the new team will face the same disgruntled player until he gets paid what he believes that he is worth.

Okay, so the LA Rams get a running backs and do not spend a first round draft pick in the process. But is Taylor worth all of the Rams 2024 Day 2 draft picks, plus two more valuable draft pick in 2025?

Let's deliberate this one, using the Pass or Pursue format: