NFL Rumors: Like it or not, LA Rams linked to trade scenario for Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

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Pass or Pursue: Rams trade scenario for RB Jonathan Taylor

Let's be clear. A fully healthy and happy Jonathan Taylor is a very dangerous NFL offensive weapon. At his peak in 2021, he accounted for more than 2100 yards of offense and 20 touchdowns. That works out to 120 points on the scoreboard from 1 player.

Just to place it all into perspective, the entire LA Rams offense scored just 307 points in all of 2022. That's the entire offensive output for the Rams offense over the course of an entire 17-game season. if you layer on the Jonathan Taylor effect, the Rams' 2022 offensive output just from 27th place among NFL offenses to 7th place.

If you compare the Rams (-77) point deficit that led to the team's 5-12 record, and add 120 points to the offense, the Rams suddenly have a surplus of +43 points. Teams with a point spread in that range ended the season at 10-7 or better.

So yes, Jonathan Taylor can make a difference.

Right tool for the right job

But would he make a difference for the LA Rams this season? After all, there are many makes and models of automobiles, and all have a market and a purpose. But a couple of newlyweds who have been blessed with twins have no need for a two-seater sports car. A single college graduate likely has no reason to drive a sports utility vehicle. And nobody needs to drive an Alfa Romeo to the grocery store to pick up a few items to replenish the cupboards and refrigerator.

Different models serve different purposes. A bigger tougher and more durable power back is ideally suited to get tough yards and to carry the football if run blocking is less than ideal. While RB Jonathan Taylor can run for miles with the football, he needs a strong offensive line that can master run blocking to get the job done and open running lands.