NFL Rumors: Like it or not, LA Rams linked to trade scenario for Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

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Reasons to Pass

Of course the key to getting that peak Jonathan Taylor impact is to ensure that he is both healthy and happy. Right now, we know that he is anything but happy. And coming off an ankle injury that sent him to Injured Reserve in December 2022, can you be certain that he is 100 percent recovered?

Even though injured in Week 4 of the 2022 NFL season, Taylor managed to play 11 games and put up 861 rushing yards and four touchdowns. But in just nine starts in 2022, Rams running back Cam Akers put up 786 rushing yards and seven touchdowns. And he is familiar with the Rams offense. Best of all he has carried the football just 338 times in his NFL career, and played just 738 offensive snaps. Taylor has already carried the football 756 times and has played 1,802 offensive snaps.

That's a significant difference, and not in a positive direction.

What about the current Rams running backs?

The other problem with this trade package is the belief that the Rams are interested in just adding Jonathan Taylor to a running back room that is enjoying it's best depth of young talented runners in years. While Taylor is a game-changer, does he make the impact on the Rams roster - as is - as four rookies might make down the road?

Unless the Rams can negotiate substituting Cam Akers for that 2024 second-round pick, this trade negotiation goes nowhere quickly. And even if the Indianapolis Colts do lower the asking price to RB Cam Akers, a 2024 third-round pick, and drop the need for any 2025 NFL Draft picks, the Rams would still need more.

The Rams would need assurances that Jonathan Taylor is completely healthy. The Rams would need to have assurances that Jonathan Taylor is completely excited about a trade scenario that sends him to the LA Rams. And perhaps most importantly, the Rams would need to ensure that Taylor's contract demands are both reasonable and affordable.