NFL Rumors: Looks like Dolphins fleeced Rams for Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey
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The LA Rams have dangled the name of All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey long enough in the waters of NFL general managers to attract some lunker type of deals. Well, per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the trick is finally getting a nibble. But it won't land the Rams a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. You see, the team now rumored to be the front-runner in bidding wars for Jalen Ramsey is none other than the Miami Dolphins, and they have no first-round draft pick this year.

NFL Rumors have named the LA Rams on a nearly daily basis. After all, this is a team that won Super Bowl LVI, and is now being disassembled, boxed, and shipped to NFL teams around the country. The latest word on the street involves Rams rumors once more, and this time it's all about DB Jalen Ramsey:

Looks like the Miami Dolphins pulled off trading for Jalen Ramsey, and with only a handful of picks available in 2023. Huh?

Rams run a charity for NFL teams

The return that the LA Rams received is almost laughable. This was not a trade that earned the Rams a first-round pick. And goodness, the two second-round picks for Ramsey that was floated now seem like a very desirable package. Instead, the Rams landed just one of the Miami Dolphins' two third-round picks (77th overall) and a seldom-used TE named Hunter Long.

Jalen Ramsey, expensive or not, controversial or not, is among the elite NFL defensive backs in the game today. Even as the Rams' secondary was a weekly test of 'who's that?' memory test due to all of the injuries to both cornerbacks and safeties, Ramsey continued to show up and lead the group. He played all 17 games for the Rams in a season when it seemed to be chic to miss games. In fact, in the past three seasons, he missed just two games. Each season, the Rams' defense added more and more to his role, eventually making him a primary edge-setter, run defender, pass defender, and turnover maker. Funny thing is, he delivered.

A small enclave of fans did not understand just how large Ramsey's role had gotten. He was gifted, very gifted. In 2020, the Rams pass defense could let Ramsey negate the opponent's best receiver, allowing the other defensive backs to focus almost exclusively elsewhere. Even in 2022, in primarily zone coverage, safeties cheated by taking their attention off Ramsey's receiver and leaning elsewhere. Quarterbacks found the chink in the Rams armor, but I don't fault Ramsey.

In return, the LA Rams chapter of TE Hunter Long will now begin.