NFL Rumors: Looks like Dolphins fleeced Rams for Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey
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Jalen Ramsey / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

With the latest development, the LA Rams have shed another defensive star, the backbone of the team's pass defense, for some magic beans. Will that second pick in Round 3 do anything for the Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft? Well, We now know that the Rams must address their secondary on Day 2 of the draft, as there is no one with significant experience or production among the group.

The excitement in the NFL can come in many forms. The Miami Dolphins, for the cost of a third-round draft pick and a tight end whose name even Dolphins fans cannot recognize, have landed one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. Curiously, if that is the best offer the Rams received, then the AFC East teams - who could have offered more - definitely deserve what they get.

But we can chalk this down to the long list of Rams' trades of veterans for next to nothing. WR Robert Woods was traded for a future sixth-round pick. DT Michael Brockers was traded for a future seventh-round pick. Even WR Brandin Cooks, who almost single-handedly keep the Houston Texans offense going, could only land the LA Rams a second-round pick, and only so long as the Rams would refund the Texans a fourth-round pick.

I think Rams are aiming to start another run in 2024

The LA Rams have 11 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, and three picks on Day 2. But if there was such a thing as an NFL Trade Machine from ESPN, the Rams win projection in 2023 would decline by (-3) three games, and the Dolphins win projection would increase by (+2) from his transaction.

Refurbish? Rebuild? The Rams roster just sank a bit lower for 2023. That tells me that the goal is not to be competitive in 2023. This is a team that is clearly the path, plowing the road, and laying salt to stay afloat in 2023, but to make a significant push in 2024.

We'll explore that line of thought in the weeks ahead. For now, the LA Rams are sellers in the 2023 NFL Free Agency Market, and they have a number of names up for grabs that could attract significant interest from other NFL teams.

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Sadly, the LA Rams have based part of their roster build on the back of award compensatory draft picks. It's sad, because the Rams get a better return for players from the algorithm used by the NFL to award compensatory picks than they do in direct negotiation with other NFL teams. Yikes!