NFL Rumors: Per Pelissero - 'Very likely Ramsey is dealt in coming weeks'

Jalen Ramsey
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The LA Rams may have struggled on offense, but it's clearly the defense that is getting a makeover. And whoa, what a complete makeover. Where there is smoke, there is indeed fire it seems. And the fact is that there has been plenty of chatter in NFL Rumors among fans about the developing scenario over the LA Rams trading away the best cornerback on the team. To be honest, after outright releasing the best tackler on the team, anything is possible, right?

Well, expect anything right now.

That is correct. NFL Insider Tom Pelissero is not breaking a story that confirms NFL Rumors over the LA Rams engaged in trade talks involving CB Jalen Ramsey. The talks must be making some progress because Pelissero believes that 'It's very likely Ramsey is dealt in coming weeks.':

What are the LA Rams up to? Is this buyer's remorse? Is this another scenario of the LA Rams defense taking one step back to two steps forward? I truly cannot say. What I can say is this:

The LA Rams observed a Seattle Seahawks team end up 7-10 in 2021, trade away veteran QB Russell Wilson and outright release ILB Bobby Wagner, and suddenly improve to 9-8 and now have a feel of a very energetic and robust NFL team with a bright future ahead of them.

Is that the path the LA Rams are blazing right now? If so, does that mean that more players could be on the trade block and we do not realize it just yet?


Early in December 2022, we named 3 players who could shock the NFL by being traded in the offseason. They are:

OLB Terrell Lewis (who was outright released days later)
DB Jalen Ramsey (who is rumored to be traded soon)
WR Allen Robinson (who is another player likely to be traded)

That article was not very well received. And yet, it appears more and more likely to come to pass.

The LA Rams hired two of the very best DB coaches in the NFL in Aubrey Pleasant and Jimmy Lake. Is the plan now to recast the Rams secondary and put the rest of the team in limbo? And then the most troubling question of all: If the Rams can decide that they can move forward without All-Pro ILB Bobby Wagner and All-Pro ILB Jalen Ramsey, how long will will the team plan to continue paying for the privilege of having All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald on the roster?

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You may not think this is a rebuild. But with the intentions of trading DB Jalen Ramsey now clearly at the forefront of the Rams offseason plans, it really doesn't matter what we think. The LA Rams are going to rebuild anyway.