NFL rumors: What happened to LA Rams backup QB Stetson Bennett?

The LA Rams elected to place backup quarterback Stetson Bennett on the IR/NFI list to start the season. 6 weeks later we have no new information. What happened to Stetson Bennett?
LA Rams Stetson Bennett
LA Rams Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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LA Rams Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Stetson Bennett fighting issues that are 'Bigger than Football'

While rookies can have huge swings in their performance as they acclimate to various NFL teams and are confronted with new challenges, the regression that Stetson Bennett seemed to suffer was beyond the range of normal NFL rookie challenges. Did he suffer from stage fright? Did the pressure of competing at the NFL level suddenly come to a breaking point?

Whatever the cause of the precipitous drop in his production, we only know three things: The first fact is that the LA Rams decided that the solution was best handled by placing Stetson Bennett on the Non-Football Injury/ Injured Reserve list. That removes Bennett from football activities for a minimum of at least four weeks of NFL activities. Just to refresh everyone's memory, Bennett is entering his seventh week away from NFL activities.

Bennett battling 'Bigger than Football' issues

The second fact is the fact that LA Rams head coach Sean McVay cited the reasons that Stetson Bennett was placed on the NFL/IR roster was that he was facing issues that were 'Bigger than Football.' If you weren't intrigued as to the causes before McVay explained, you have to be curious now.

That was all a bit shrouded in mystery, wasn't it? But the follow up from LA Rams head coach Sean McVay did little more than stir up the muddy water.

McVay further elaborated that, out of respect to Stetson Bennett, all other information about the circumstances surrounding backup quarterback Stetson Bennett would be kept 'in-house.' That is often the case whenever a situation surfaces that can be misinterpreted by the general public at large, is associated with a medical situation, or a personal tragedy that must be dealt with.

The third fact is a bit more interpretive. Since the LA Rams front office has not made any effort to sign a new quarterback to either the active roster (other than to promote QB Brett Rypien) or to the practice squad, It is a logical conclusion to believe that the Rams expect to welcome Stetson Bennett back this season. Since an NFL season runs 18 weeks, or approximately 126 days, you could draw a logical conclusion that Bennett's absence is expected to be less than that amount of time.

In the absence of hard facts, speculation has run amok. While we will address some potential outcomes of where this matter will ultimately resolve itself, I won't entertain baseless speculation that has been going viral on social media or in chat rooms. So what about any updates?