NFL rumors: What happened to LA Rams backup QB Stetson Bennett?

The LA Rams elected to place backup quarterback Stetson Bennett on the IR/NFI list to start the season. 6 weeks later we have no new information. What happened to Stetson Bennett?
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What about any Stetson Bennett updates?

Before we explore what might be, this is as good of a time as any to review what criteria is required to place an NFL player on the NFI/IR list. The criteria for placement on an NFL team's NFI list include the following circumstances:

  • A player who suffers an injury away from the team’s practice facility.
  • A long-term illness outside of football.
  • A previous injury that prevents a player from practicing at the start of his rookie season.

Since the LA Rams did get Bennett actively participating in OTAs through preseason games, we can rule out the third scenario. And in the absence of any reported accident report, the first scenario is an unlikely scenario as well. That suggests that Stetson Bennett is battling some form of long-term medical condition that prevents him from actively participating in NFL football activities.

How is Stetson Bennett holding up?

The good news is, relatively speaking, that LA Rams head coach Sean McVay did indeed provide an additional update after 10 days had passed from his original report on Stetson Bennett's status. The Athletic's Jourdan Rodrigue was one of several reporters who cited McVay's update on Bennett:

While McVay was unwilling to place any form of timetable as to when Bennett was likely to return to the Rams active roster, he did share encouraging news about the young rookie quarterback:

"He (Stetson Bennett)'s doing really well, which I was really encouraged to be able to hear. Got a chance to hear his voice and he sounds really good, and that was really cool to hear."

Rams HC Sean McVay

There is a wide assortment of speculation occurring right now and throughout social media. I did discover one responsible discussion video podcast that touched on some of the possibilities of what Stetson Bennett may be facing right now.

There are plenty of informational vacuums that almost invite fan-originated scenarios over the course and outcome of Stetson Bennett's absence. It cannot be a controlled substance matter, as that would have triggered an immediate NFL disciplinary decision that would have resulted in an officially sanctioned suspension.

Because the suggestion has been introduced in the video above if the matter has anything to do with some form of alcohol rehabilitation, that would certainly fit the inability to predict any reliable timetable for his return. Those types of rehabilitation or treatment programs can last for 30, 60, or 90 days, and are customized for the needs of the person in need of help.

For now, Stetson Bennett is not participating in football activities because that is how the NFL has structure Injured Reserve (IR) rosters. And regardless of what the cause may or may not be, the LA Rams are sticking with Bennett as a backup quarterback this season. Bennett has been on the NFI IR list for 33 days, or nearly five weeks. In terms of his return, he has already met the minimum amount of time, so now it's up to Bennett himself as to when he is ready to return.

A 60 day timeline would place him open to return on or about November 12, 2023. A 90-day window would place him open to return open to return on or about December 12, 2023. For now, all we can do is wait, and hope for the best.