No, not every player released makes sense for the LA Rams. But this player absolutely does.

Colt McCoy Los Angeles Rams
Colt McCoy Los Angeles Rams / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The LA Rams may not have addressed their backup quarterback position well in the past, but as some Rams fans who urged the team to draft at that position, it's not easy to land an instant plug and play rookie quarterback either.

While LA Rams rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett's preseason began well enough, he soon struggled. That is completely normal and should have been expected. But the Rams did not have a true QB2 on the roster to take over. Veteran Brett Rypien was more emergency QB than backup, and the Rams dedicated much of their time throughout training camp and preseason to aid in Bennett's development.

It simply comes down to this, Stetson Bennett will need more time.

This veteran quarterback is ideally suited for Rams roster this season

In the meantime, the Arizona Cardinals have just released their long time QB2. While Colt McCoy may be getting up in years, he had been a dependable backup quarterback for Cardinals starter Kyler Murray. Now the Cardinals have decided that they no longer need McCoy.

So why should the Rams make a move to add McCoy to the Rams roster? I can think of three reasons.

III: He is comfortable in a backup QB role

Veteran quarterback Colt McCoy has played 12 seasons in the NFL. The closest that he ever came to being a full NFL starter was his 13 games played in 2011 for the Cleveland Browns. Since that time, his role has been entirely about a backup QB position. And while his overall win-loss record as a starter was just 6-15, he did manage to record a 3-3 record in relief for the Arizona Cardinals.

II: He has played 56 games and 36 starts

Unlike the inherent risks with counting on a rookie quarterback to deliver veteran production, adding and elevating a veteran like Colt McCoy has several benefits. Right off the bat, you can expect that McCoy will make the right reads in his progressions on any given play. And you can also expect to get the optimal performance out of the Rams receivers when he is in the pocket.

Like it or not, the Rams offense has to deliver if the Rams plan to win games. Colt McCoy offers a better chance of that than any quarterback on the Rams roster right now.

I: He has a year or two of football left in him

Unlike the unsettling scenario that is unfolding with the Dallas Cowboys trading for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance, adding veteran quarterback Colt McCoy does not bring hidden agenda, messages, or undertones to the Rams offense. Rather, it simply tells the Rams team that Bennett will get more time to develop.

If the season works out for the LA Rams and Stetson Bennett, Colt McCoy can move on next season or simply retire, and the Rams are still in great shape at QB. But if the Rams struggle this season, the team will be in an ideal situation to consider drafting a franchise quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft, and Stetson Bennett will not have an unwanted rivalry with the new rookie.

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Even as roster cuts continue around the league, the Rams can strengthen their roster depth while ensuring that this team has sufficient talent and youth to ensure an even more competitive team in 2024.