Not all 2024 Top-10 rookie QBs are too lofty for LA Rams reach

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford
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Re-sign Wentz may not be a viable option

If you mention the LA Rams need for a viable backup quarterback in 2024, inevitably the replies will overwhelmingly turn to the insistence that the team merely extend QB Carson Wentz. But that may not be a viable option. After all, after the 2022 NFL season, many of those same voices insisted that the team merely re-sign veteran QB Baker Mayfield. We know how that played out. What has changed so significantly that the outcome in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market.

If you recall, the LA Rams were not the first choice of Wentz for a new team. It seems that he did not enter into serious negotiations to play for the team until the New York Jets rejected his interest in playing in their offense.

The thing about Carson Wentz, and any free agent emerging from the Rams roster, is that he could be seeking a greater role for 2024. Just as Mayfield before him, Wentz may simply strike while the iron is hot to secure an opportunity to compete for a starting role, or even to sign with a team that is planning to draft a new rookie quarterback, but who wants to have a veteran aboard to handle the early part of the season until that young hurler is ready to start.

The Rams cannot compete with that.

And so, it may come down to which quarterback the team is willing to draft, and when? We know that that many mock drafts project the first two quarterbacks to come off the board are USC QB Caleb Williams and North Carolina QB Drake Maye. But will there be a run on quarterbacks this year like many expect?

In one mock draft simulation, that certainly was not the case. Just see for yourself:

Still, the Rams cannot fall in love with a single rookie quarterback this far from the 2024 NFL Draft. Rather, the best that the team and fans can do is set a hierarchy of what players have enough intrinsic value to be selected by the team, and at which location on the draft board. Let's run down the list of quarterback prospects the team may or may not select this year: