Pass or pursue: NFL Rumors are heating up over LA Rams trading Cam Akers to multiple NFL teams

Los Angeles Rams Cam Akers
Los Angeles Rams Cam Akers / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The LA Rams are not playing coy about their interest in parting ways with veteran running back Cam Akers. It could not be more obvious that the team no longer has any interest in a long-term relationship with the veteran rusher. The only unknown right now is what will the LA Rams do with him

Will the LA Rams find a trade partner that is willing to give something of value to the LA Rams in exchange for AKers? Or, will other NFL teams play that game of chicken, wait for the LA Rams to release Akers, and then hope that they have the right pecking order on the NFL Waiver Wire priority to successfully claim him? Or do they believe that Akers will clear waivers, and allow his agent to negotiate with any NFL team?

I would not rely on that last scenario.

However LA Rams may or may not feel about Akers, or the value of the NFL running back position in general, Akers does hold some value for the right NFL team. He is inexpensive (he is still playing on his rookie contract). He has light usage (he has carried the football just 360 times, and played just 766 offensive snaps) over four NFL seasons. And he has the ability to put up lots of yards on the ground.

It's never an easy thing to assess the value to other NFL teams with a disgruntled player. And with a veteran running back who has triggered a 'We're done here,' response from the LA Rams, it's tough not to devalue Akers' worth to nothing. But, objectively speaking, other NFL teams may see Akers value in a more flattering light.

After all, Akers is a running back who can deliver but is just too inconsistent. Believe it or not, that's not common in the NFL right now. So which NFL teams are best suited for a running back like Cam Akers?