Pass or pursue: NFL Rumors are heating up over LA Rams trading Cam Akers to multiple NFL teams

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NFL Rumors: Nobody bit in 2022. What's changed?

This is not the first time that the LA Rams and running back Cam Akers have had a chasm of viewpoints. It happened during the 2022 NFL season as well, when LA Rams head coach Sean McVay and running back Cam Akers butted heads to the point that Akers future with the Rams organization seemed to be at an end. (click this link here)

At that time, no team was willing to trade for Akers. After all, Akers had suffered a devastating Achilles Tendon injury in 2021, and he had not yet demonstrated the ability to run effectively with the football. Also, the timing of that dispute was such that many NFL teams believed that the LA Rams would simply run out of time before the 2022 NFL Trade Deadline expired, and the Rams would be forced to cut Akers.

That did not happen.

Instead, Rams head coach Sean McVay and running back Cam Akers reconciled, if only temporarily. That resolved, Akers was able to focus exclusively on carrying the football. Akers returned for 10 games and proceeded to finish out the final 10 games of the season with 137 carries, 635 yards, and six touchdowns. But best of all, he was able to string together three consecutive games of 100+ rushing yards

That late surge behind a makeshift offensive line placed him back on the radar of NFL teams once more:

So teams are asking about Akers. But there is a strong distinction to be made here. Ask any realtor about the difference between inquiries over a house for sale from nosey neighbors versus motivated buyers. RIght now, all we know is that teams are inquiring. So which teams could be motivated buyers?