Pass or pursue: NFL Rumors are heating up over LA Rams trading Cam Akers to multiple NFL teams

Los Angeles Rams Cam Akers
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NFL Rumors: Baltimore Ravens?

For an NFL team to have bonafide interest in adding a strong-willed rusher like Cam Akers, that team will need to have three characteristics:

  1. First, that NFL team needs to possess a strong defense. That is necessary to avoid shooting matches, which almost instantly negates the ground game of any NFL team's offense
  2. Secondly, that NFL team must boast a strong offensive line that is capable of opening up lanes consistently for running backs.
  3. Thirdly, that NFL team must boast a balanced or run centric offensive playbook.

While the name of the modern NFL is the passing game, some teams continue to boast a strong rushing presence. Perhaps one team that has maintained a strong rushing presence despite the NFL trend to focus on a passing-centric playbook is the Baltimore Ravens. And right now, the Ravens are shopping for RB help after losing running back J.K. Dobbins for the season

Is Akers a solid option? At least one NFL analyst thinks so:

I tend to agree. The Ravens are a strong organization that is more than equipped to rein in Akers sometimes-problematic attitude. And their offense is certainly set up to keep feeding the football to running backs. Could the Raven trade for Akers? Perhaps, but we have more to consider.

Pass or Pursue? Pursue