Pass or pursue: NFL Rumors are heating up over LA Rams trading Cam Akers to multiple NFL teams

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NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings?

Whenever the LA Rams have an offensive player on the NFL Trade Block, or have an offensive player on an expiring contract, and are about to test their value in the NFL Free Agency Market, it only makes sense to consider any interest from the Minnesota Vikings. After all, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell was the former offensive coordinator for the LA Rams.

So what is it about the Minnesota Vikings right now that warrants considering the addition of Rams RB Cam Akers? Well, for starters, it was not an idea that was even on my radar. But Cam Akers' name is certainly being tossed around on VIkings sites today. So how might that help them?

The consensus is that the Vikings will indeed add a running back in the days ahead. The question is, does O'Connell like Akers enough to have interest in adding him? Right now, many Minnesota VIkings blogging websites think that the answer is yes.

That may not be such a bad idea, after all. During Kevin O'Connell's tenure with the LA Rams as the offensive coordinator, he served as a buffer between McVay and the players. It was not until O'Connell was hired as the head coach of the Vikings that the relationship between the Rams and Akers devolved to the point of no return.

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