Per OTC, Rams can claim salary cap savings by retiring Aaron Donald

LA Rams Aaron Donald
LA Rams Aaron Donald / Justin Berl/GettyImages

Do the LA Rams need to create cap space? As of June 1, 2024, Over the Cap ( lists the team with $8,581,034 of available cap space for the 2024 NFL season. While not an abundance of unclaimed cap space, it certainly places this team in a better position heading into a new NFL season that the recent past. And as if that is not enough good news, we have more to share.

There is more cap space to free up for the team if they take action to create the space. The thing is, I'm not convinced that the Rams front office will make the effort. Now, the question is: Why?

Before we go there, lets tip the hat to Jason from Over the Cap, who is a solid follow on social media, and who does a remarkable job of breaking down the complexities of NFL contracts into more easily understoods dollars, cents, and standard English. He has done it one more time, in a perfectly time report on social media expanding the list of post-June 1 cuts with how that designation affects the NFL teams who have elected that option:

But at the end of article, he has a category of Other Expected Moves. The first item listed is a scenario facing the LA Rams, and how submitting retirement papers for DT Aaron Donald will save the team a pretty hefty chunk of salary cap dollars:

"These are not yet official, but I would expect them to occur in a few days. The Rams should place Aaron Donald on the retired list to free up $1.2 million in cap room. Donald will count for $23.8 million in 2024 cap charges and $9.67 million in 2025 cap charges once the retirement is official."

Per Jason Fitzgerald of OTC

Seems like a slam dunk, doesn't it? So what could be the hold up?

If you examine the evidence objectively, you can reasonably conclude that the LA Rams are unconvinced that Donald will remain retired. What evidence is there? Well, Rams GM Les Snead himself cited a scenario that could result in Aaron Donald unretiring to rejoin his teammates. Two weeks later, veteran wide receiver Cooper Kupp was quoted as more than eager to welcome back Aaron Donald this year.

The third bit of evidence is that the team still has Aaron Donald's locker up.

It all seems overly cautious and a bit too superstitious if the team does not suspect that Donald will indeed change his mind. Finally, you have cold hard cash on the line. Will the Rams submit the paperwork to move Aaron Donald officially to retired status?

Perhaps, but I would not look for any sudden moves. This team wants to exhaust every possibility of luring Aaron Donald out of retirement. And for the impact his return could bring to this ever-impressive roster, who can blame them?

As always, thanks for reading.