Per Walter Football, LA Rams trades get 3.0 GPA

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The LA Rams were involved in two draft day trades on Day 2. In the first trade, the LA Rams traded back just four spots in Round 3, but upgraded there Round 6 pick at 191 for a Round 5 pick at 161. There trade partner for that exchange was the Houston Texans, a team that had been quite aggressive on Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft. But the question is, who won this draft day trade?

Well, I uncovered a website at Walter Football that assesses what they call 'Trade Grades," and they had already covered the LA Rams trade with the Texans. Here's what they had to say:

Texans acquire No. 69 (Tank Dell) from Rams for Nos. 73 (traded to Giants), 161 (5th)

"The Texans traded up four spots and surrendered a fifth-round pick to select the worse receiver in this trade (the pick traded to the Giants was used on Jalin Hyatt.) I must sound like a broken record at this point, but with so many talented wideouts available, there was no need to move up for one. But if a trade was to be made, it should have been for Jalin Hyatt, whom Houston could have gotten in its original spot." - Per 2023 NFL Draft Trade Grades By Walter Cherepinsky

So how did he grade that trade?

The grade for Houston Texans - D
The grade for the LA Rams - A

The LA Rams were back at it at the 73rd overall pick. This time the Rams traded that pick to the New York GIants for the 89th overall pick in Round 3 and the 128th overall pick in Round 4.

Well, I that same website at Walter Football that assessed a 'Trade Grade," on this exchange between the LA Rams trade and the New York Giants. Here's what they had to say about that trade:

Giants acquire No. 73 (Jalin Hyatt) from Rams for Nos. 89 (Kobie Turner), 128 (4th)

"As I've been saying, it's very important to trade up for receivers. Just kidding. But seriously, Jalin Hyatt is a tremendous prospect who should have gone a round earlier. I love the Giants trading up for him. Had New York took Hyatt at No. 25, I would have considered it a reach, but I
wouldn't have hated the pick. Getting him at No. 73 is great, even at the cost of a fourth-round pick. I like the Rams picking up that selection, but they probably should have remained at No. 73 and taken
Hyatt to replace Allen Robinson." - Per 2023 NFL Draft Trade Grades By Walter Cherepinsky

What type of grade did the LA Rams get in this trade?

The grade for Giants - A
The grade for Rams - C

The Rams score an A, then a C, averaging out to a B, very good, or 3.0.

But keep in mind that the LA Rams wanted to get more picks, wanted to close the 90 pick original gap between the 77th overall pick and the 167th overall pick, and wanted to lower the overall payroll costs on their limited remaining available salary cap.

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The LA Rams managed to do all of that. So far, so good.