Peter King believes LA Rams trade back from pick 36

LA Rams Draft
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Will they or won't they use that pick is a question that LA Rams fan has asked themselves in virtually each of the past six NFL Drafts, and with countless numbers of picks. And for good reason, as the LA Rams are quite a wheeler and dealer type of team when the annual draft arrives.

The Rams see the NFL Draft as a puzzle board, and their willingness to navigate the complexities of that board to land an optimum rookie draft class is their goal. This is not about the number of picks or the fictitious draft grades that are dolled out immediately after the draft. This is about the LA Rams front office upgrading their roster, both from a positional depth and from a financially balanced perspective.

In his latest article (as shown below), NBC NFL insider Peter King believes that the Rams will trade out of their 36th pick in the second round, looking to stay in the middle of Round 2 and acquire two or three additional picks through Round 5:

"The other factor about this team: I expect (Rams) GM Les Snead to trade the Rams’ high second-round pick this year for either two or three picks between the mid-second and fifth rounds. Ideal world, Snead trades his high two for a low two and two fours. If they deal (away Jalen) Ramsey, add a prime pick this year (I project a second-rounder) plus somewhere around a three next year." - Per Peter King in his latest FMIA: The Scourge of Draft Desperation and The Combine Without a Sure Thing

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Projected LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft picks

The final estimated tally for the 2023 NFL Draft is as follows:

First round – 0 (none)

Second round – 1 (one)

Third round – 1 (one)

Fourth-round – 1 (one)

Fifth-round – 1 (one)

Sixth-round – 4 (four)

Seventh-round – 2 (two)

Total 2023 NFL Draft picks– 10 (Ten)

Per, they project the LA Rams picks to occur at 37, 70, 137, 173, 183, 190, 192, 212, 226, and 253. But they have not removed the place holder for the Miami Dolphins forfeited first-round pick. So you can subtract one from each pick in the list.

Right now, the LA Rams hold 10 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. But this is not a draft of elite players, but rather a draft bursting with good players who are potential starters. And the LA Rams need to stockpile as many good players from the 2023 NFL Draft as possible.

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If the Rams can increase the number of picks to 12 or 13 picks, their rookie draft class could be very important and valuable. The Rams have loaded up on new coaches who can help to develop rookies into NFL contributors. Now, it seems that more and more NFL insiders believe that the LA Rams could deploy trading back as a means to make rapid upgrades to a depleted Rams roster.