PFF alarmingly ranks this unit on the Rams roster worst in the NFL

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Pro Football Focus is no stranger to controversial takes, particularly at this early stage of the NFL season. So it should not be shocking to learn that the group has once again short-changed the LA Rams roster insomuch as projecting the effectiveness of the Rams roster for the upcoming 2024 NFL season.

Sometimes the willingness of analysts and pundits to throw shade at the LA Rams is born from a need to generate clicks and views. At other times, the error simply springs out of the unfamiliarity about the team from a casual NFL analyst who simply relies too heavily on one source and does not step back to view the overall team in their assessments.

I conclude that PFF's recent gaffe is more of the latter

PFF cites this Rams positional group as weakest in the NFL

PFF has ranked the LA Rams safeties as the weakest safety group in the entire NFL. I'm not sure if the author, John Kosko, is trying to troll the Rams fanbase or whether he truly buys into his fictional piece. In either case, he is dead wrong.

Here is what Kosko says about the Rams safeties as the team turns to face the 2024 NFL season:

"A group that struggled in 2023 only looks weaker in 2024, as Kamren Curl (66.6 PFF grade in 2023) and Russ Yeast (57.0) are the lone safeties with experience on the roster. The Rams drafted Kamren Kinchens in the third round but will once again rely on late-round or undrafted players to step into big roles in 2024."

PFF John Kosko

So how can an author of a player and positional ranking group miss the mark so widely?

For starters, he completely overlooks the presence of safety Quentin Lake, who was assigned a grade of 71.2 for 2023. The reason for the oversight is that PFF graded Lake as a cornerback, and not as a safety. If you recall, the Rams experimented with various secondary configurations when slot cornerback Derion Kendrick struggled with penalties last season. That temporary patch does not suddenly make Lake a cornerback in 2024.

Another reason for shortchanging the Rams safety group is the assertion that neither Russ Yeast nor Kamren Curl have any chance of improving their 2023 PFF scores this year. And even more damning is the fact that Kosko's own article seems to carpet bomb other PFF authors pieces with bird droppings.