PFF alarmingly ranks this unit on the Rams roster worst in the NFL

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Can you believe PFF loved Kamren Curl weeks ago?

PFF's Jonathon Macri wrote an article about how the Rams had improved their secondary on March 29, 2024. In that article, Macri gushed over how Kamren Curl was such a fit and upgrade in the Rams' secondary. Similarly, PFF's Nick Ackridge wrote an August 2023 article that cited extensive reasons why safety Kamren Kinchens is the Washington Commanders' most important defensive player.

Pro Football Focus author Zoltan Buday even wrote an article that cited free agency safety Kamren Curl as a non-quarterback free agent who could end up signing the biggest deal in free agency. In his writeup, Buday stated:

"Curl is about to turn 25 years old, and he has already played more than 3,500 snaps in the NFL. Over the past four regular seasons, he ranks among the top 20 safeties in the NFL in snaps played (3,456), PFF overall grade (77.9) and PFF coverage grade (83.6)."

PFF Zoltan Buday

I don't understand what triggered this about-face on the future of Kamren Curl's NFL career. Is it because he signed with the LA Rams, and not with one of the annual overhyped teams like the Dallas Cowboys or the Buffalo Bills? Or could it be that the PFF projected his next contract to be a four-year deal worth $50 million, and the LA Rams only signed him to a two-year deal worth $9 million? Yes, you read that right. His projected contract fell from a four-year deal worth $50 million to an actual contract of two years duration that is worth just $9 million.

PFF didn't make the mistake, but the Rams did?