PFF snubs 2 Rams veterans in their latest Top 10 NFL comeback players

Two Rams veterans are coming back from serious injury. So why didn't PFF notice?
Los Angeles Rams DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant
Los Angeles Rams DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The LA Rams are taking a chance on veteran DB Tre'Davious White this season. While the team was not alone in viewing a lofty upside from the former All-Pro cornerback, they are the team that signed him to a lucrative contract for the 2024 NFL season. And yet, there is a slight wrinkle to his return for the 2024 NFL season. He is coming off an Achilles Tendon injury, one of the most difficult injuries for a professional athlete to come back from.

But he is very encouraged by the Rams' success with former running back Cam Akers after his Achilles Tendon injury and believes that this team is ideally suited to work with him in helping him come back as well. But as with any comebacks, the slope is steep and there are no guarantees. And that raises the stakes for both player and team for this season.

When it comes to the offseason, Pro Football focus is never short of new content. When there is not a lot of actual football to be discussed, the group has no shortage of topics about ranking and projecting players and teams into the new NFL season. Their last story focuses on players who are trying to mount a comeback this season: 10 players returning from injury to watch during the 2024 NFL season

Some of their players make complete sense. Other, well not so much. After all, a turf toe injury from 2023 will have little impact on the 2024 NFL season. But they did mention several players from 2023 who suffered Achilles Tendon injuries. But when it cam to the LA Rams and injured players? Nada.

It wasn't just Tre'Davious White who was snubbed by PFF. LA Rams TE Tyler Higbee suffered a devastating ACL injury in the 2024 NFL Playoffs, and his season will be delayed until he is medically cleared to play football once more.

I get it that sometimes you want to limit the number of players in an article to make it manageable in size and scope. But completely ignoring two injured players who are competing on one of the best teams of the 2024 NFL season seems more deliberate than oversight. That is something that needs to be corrected going forward.