Post OTAs analysis of LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft strategy with Les Snead

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft seemed to be exactly what the team needed, what the fans clamored for, and where the Rams roster seemed to be the most shallow. Of course, all draft strategy flies out the window as soon as one team goes off-script and picks someone unexpectedly.

The availability of Roku Channel's NFL Draft: The Pick Is In created a unique behind-the-scenes peek into the Rams draft headquarters, the interactions among key team draft strategists, and the underlying theme of the team in the draft. While the focus on the Rams clearly was intended to capture (and edit) all of the drama that led up to the team's first Round 1 pick in eight years, the episode captured a great deal more than just the intellectual energy for the 19th overall pick.

The video analysis of the Rams draft class exhibits two things about the Rams' strategy. First of all, the front office had a cohesive and comprehensive plan to make the selections in the draft that they made. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the team selected players who were better than raw athletes. Time and time again, GM Les Snead specifically addressed how a player converted athletic attributes into on-field production.

In breaking down the video clips of Florida State Seminoles defensive tackle Braden Fiske, Snead puts his analysis on public display as he details Fiske's growth and development over the course of the 2023 NCAA season. That growth is what seemed to excite the GM most of all.

Snead then rolls into the candidacy of Michigan Wolverines RB Blake Corum. Corum is the outstanding wildcard of this draft, as he puts so much excellent video footage on display. Unlike other Rams rookies who have joined this team, Corum truly appears as close to a plug-and-play option as this team has ever had in a rookie.

DB Kamren Kinchens is another Rams rookie prospect who seems to have that extra gear that he can shift into whenever he faces elite opposition. Kinchens terrorized collegiate quarterbacks by mastering the game of cat and mouse at luring passes into regrettable spots on the football field.

Okay, so much for video draft analysis overview. Let's take another overview, and then dive more deeply into why this draft class could be so very special in 2024.