Post OTAs analysis of LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft strategy with Les Snead

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
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A quick overview of the team's 2024 rookie draft class

The front office had a solid plan and despite the twists, turns, and cul de sacs that occured over the three-day event. As the draft selections unfolded, the Rams' ability to anticipate the best moments to add to specific positional groups proved to be on point again and again.

While the team seemed to scamper and regroup on Day 1, it was obvious that Plan B in terms of how the draft might unfold was every bit as vita as Plan A. In fact, in my honest opinion, the team's fallback strategy for their first two picks were clearly the optimal route to take. After all, the team entered the 2024 NFL Draft needing to prioritize the pass rush and defensive front. What the team ultimately accomplished in the draft was to bolster the pass rush and defensive front.

But there is plenty more to gush over. Let's revisit the team's draft class of 2024 once again:

Round 1 - Florida State OLB/DE Jared Verse (19th overall)
Round 2 - Florida State DT Braden Fiske (39th overall)
Round 3 - Michigan RB Blake Corum (83rd overall)
Round 3 - Miami DB Kamren Kinchens (99th overall)
Round 5 - Washington State OLB Brennan Jackson (154th overall)
Round 6 - Clemson DT Tyler Jackson (196th overall)
Round 6 - Stanford K Joshua Karty (209th overall)
Round 6 - Texas WR Jordan Whittington (213th overall)
Round 6 - Arkansas C Beaux Limmer (217th overall)
Round 7 - Kansas State OT K.T. Leveston (254th overall)

The distribution of rookie prospects selected the draft work out to:

  • Defensive players - (5)
  • Offensive players - (4)
  • Special Team players (1)

So not only did the team pad the thin spots on the roster, but did so by addressing all three phases of the game via draft selections. But we can dive a bit more deeply into this rookie draft class. So let's do that now: