Post Trade LA Rams mock draft reloads defense for 2023

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With the 182nd pick

The LA Rams select Mekhi Blackmon, cornerback, USC. The Rams need secondary help, and they will be happy to call out the name of a defensive back from Southern California in Mekhi Blackmon. While he stands 5-foot-11 and weighs 178 pounds, Blackmon is a physical and aggressive defensive back who will not be giving receivers huge buffers. He has the mindset of a terrier, not the biggest dog in the secondary, but one every receiver will remember.

Any defensive back who falls to the latter half of Day 3 has concerns, and Blackmon will have to overcome the perspective that he may be too small to be effective at pass defense in the NFL. And while he is aggressive and can cling to a receiver like static electricity, he gets flagged in draft profiles for a lack of physicality.

Mekhi Blackmon. 182. player. NFL Draft Buzz. Defensive back. USC. NFL Draft Profile. 51

But he is a versatile defensive back who has experience in playing both at outside and in the slot. And he has the speed and sense to stay close to his receiver, throughout the duration of the play. Surprisingly, he is better at man coverage because he doesn't need to look in multiple directions. He can stick with his receiver and simply ensure that player does not catch the ball.

Because he has the ability to stay in the receiver's back pocket, he can create turnovers. He had three interceptions in 2022, and that feels very doable if he earns significant playing time in the NFL. The LA Rams need pass defenders, and Mekhi Blackmon would love to remain in Southern California to start his NFL career.