Post Trade LA Rams mock draft reloads defense for 2023

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With the 189th pick

The LA Rams select Luke Haggard, offensive tackle, from Indiana University. Haggard stands a towering height of 6-foot-7 and weighs in an athletic 297 pounds. With a late sixth-round selection, the LA Rams will not be looking for an offensive tackle who does everything right, but rather someone whose size and power provides a rookie prospect who can do everything right. Luke Haggard is that type of offensive lineman.

Haggard gives the Rams a solid prospect who can develop quickly into a backup for the 2023 NFL season, and perhaps compete for a starting role in 2024. But let's be clear, while he is a bit raw for immediate assignment, this young man has serious NFL potential. And he has shown an ability to be very strong in the run game, particularly if and when he is tasked with pulling out as a lead blocker

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The LA Rams do still love to pass the ball, and as such Haggard will need a bit more work from the coaching staff to get him into dependable pass blocking on the offensive line. It's not that he is a bad pass blocker. But there are certain tools that he can use, like better handwork and footwork that will make his life as a pass protector so much easier in the NFL.

He will have time to learn the right way, and time to refine his techniques to make him far more effective. After all, this is a guy who heard his name called in the sixth-round of the 2023 NFL Draft. He will develop into a fine NFL player given enough time and coaching.