Post Trade LA Rams mock draft reloads defense for 2023

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With the 251st pick

The LA Rams select Michael Turk, punter, from Oklahoma University. Turk is a 6-foot-0 227-pound punter who is an ideal choice for the LA Rams, a team in desperate need of a punter who can put some hang time on his boots. This is a young man who can kick the leather off the football. But he will need plenty of time to practice coffin kicks and ways to improve his football finesse.

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The LA Rams need fresh blood at the punter position, and Turk has all the makings of a player who the Rams could be eager to add to the roster. After all the dust has settled for the team in the 2023 NFL Draft, it simply makes sense to call out the name of a special team specialist. And who better than the nephew of former NFL punter Matt Turk?

Turk has the ability to win games simply by punting out of the Rams territory and pushing the football 50+ yards downfield. That is not something that happens in a blue moon, but something that happens regularly. Not only does he deliver those booming punts, but he does so quickly, and he gets the football up high in a nice arc with plenty of hang time, giving the Rams coverage plenty of time to surround any would-be return attempt.

The LA Rams could just have easily selected a place kicker at this spot. But the team needs to get punting fixed, and the chance to draft a legacy punter just felt too good to pass up.

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