Post Trade LA Rams mock draft reloads defense for 2023

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With the 171st pick

The LA Rams select Kobie Turner, defensive tackle, out of Wake Forest. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing a stout 288 pounds, this young man is power packed fury on the defensive line of scrimmage, and he is versatile enough to play just about anywhere on the defensive front that the Rams need him to play.

Will the LA Rams really dare to double down on the defensive line in Round 5? I don't see why not. After all, there is a remote chance that the LA Rams may not even extend ERFA defensive lineman Marquise Copeland (I think they will), so the team will be eager to load up on talent when they can.

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If the LA Rams are unable to extend NT Greg Gaines, you could look for Turner to step up and rotate into that vacated role. Kobi Turner stands 6-foot-3 and weighs in a 288 pounds of run stopping fireplug muscle. He was not heavily scouted at Wake Forest, but you can bet the LA Rams have done their homework on the young man.

With the potential loss of run stuffing specialists like Gaines, A'Shawn Robinson, and Bobby Wagner, the LA Rams would be very wise to call out the name of a run stuffer. Better yet, he has surprising speed and agility for a big man, and can run down quarterbacks and running backs from behind.