Quinyon Mitchell's Sr Bowl motivation and essential info for Rams fans from Combine

Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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The LA Rams staff who did not attend combine events in Indianapolis, Indiana certainly have plenty to ingest and assess right now. The activities are at their peak right now, meaning medical data, interview information, and athletic achievements on prescribed events are all coming online. Now is the time for final flourishes to the team's draft board to take place.

The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine continues to press on, and the athletic events must now pivot from Group I toward Group II. The bench press and final administrative activities are all that remain for Group I. Still, there is no shortage of buzz and excitement from a day that welcomed defensive backs and got peak performances from defensive linemen and linebacker hopefuls.

There is no shortage of coverage about the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine right now, as virtually all eyes are trained on the events and reports, both useful and meaningless, are pouring into social media spaces like the raging waters of the Niagara River race over the falls. It is not my intention to add to the calamity of too much data.

Rather, the goal here is to filter out the background noise, and deliver data that you may wish to know about the top rookie prospects who have been mentioned most often as having a real fit with the Rams culture, who may be on the board when the team steps up to select the 19th overall selection of the 2024 NFL Draft, and other tidbits of information that may prove valuable as you continue to assess whether these players are truly in the team's sights in Round 1.

This is an exciting time for all 32 NFL teams, and 321 reasons for that excitement are competing at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine right now. But this is a different type of event. Those college hopefuls are making their introductions for the first time not only to 32 NFL teams, but to NFL fans nationwide. And first impressions are always oh-so-important.

So let's give you what you want. Here are some key quotes from players who may be of interest to Rams fans, and then we can break top athletic performers: