Rain and flood watch add to Rams' tight end concerns for Week 14

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams, Tyler Higbee
Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams, Tyler Higbee / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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If you want to go way out there

One of the fun aspects about the LA Rams offense this year is the fact that the Rams have some options to do the unexpected. Of course, the Rams know that their Week 14 contest against the Ravens is very important to their chances of making an appearance in the postseason. So what options do the Rams have to fill the tight end position this week in an unexpected way?

One player who could be a factor, if now in Week 14, then in other games is tight end Nikola Kalinic. Kalinic stands 6-foot-4, weighs 245 pounds, and was signed by the Indianapolis Colts after the 2022 NFL Draft after he did not hear his name called out. He played in seven games for the Colts in 2022 and started two games. Though not targeted as a receiver, he did see 47 offensive snaps as a blocking tight end. He also saw action on the Colts special teams, where he played 42 snaps as well.

Do the Rams have any other players who can catch a forward pass?

The Rams may not be all-in on RB Royce Freeman right now, but the 6-foot-0 238-pound running back can block, can catch a pass, and knows this Rams offense by now. If the Rams needed to, they could call on Freeman to serve as an emergency tight end on several plays, or simply line up as a lead blocker for teammate RB Kyren Williams.

Of course, the Rams could fool everyone by lining up an offensive lineman as an eligible receiver in some form of a jumbo blocking package, but using that lineman as a tight end to catch a pass. Do the Rams have any offensive linemen who can catch the football? I don't know, but I do know that the ploy could be very effective this week if they do.

Even as TE Tyler Higbee is doubtful to play this week, the Rams roster has a number of intriguing and viable options. Now we must await the Rams decision over which option or options the team goes with to fact the Ravens.