Rams 2024 Offseason Primer: 5 steps before the NFL Free Agency market

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Step II: Rework contracts

The 2024 NFL salary cap is not firmly established just yet, but there are enough websites like OverTheCap.com or Spotrac.com that have perfected the art of projecting what those cap figures will be. The sites disagree on the 2024 available cap space, but it's because the underlying details are different.

The Over the Cap figures of $27.5 million of available cap space is probably the more accurate of the two (Spotrac has $48 million of available cap space) because they have assigned minimal contract values for all 14 players signed to Reserve/Future contracts. The real answer is likely somewhere between the two numbers, as only the Top-51 contracts count against the salary cap number.

So, with that in mind, we have to assume that the Rams front office will want to free up some space.

The Rams have several options to do so in the early stages of the offseason. If the goal is to shed dollars, the Rams can outright cut underperforming players. If the Rams wish to retain those players at a better FMV or simply to lower the current cost, the Rams can restructure or renegotiate contacts. Finally, if the Rams want to part ways, but get something in return, they can trade a player.

So who might the Rams tap for salary cap savings? Here are a few players who may be given the nod to help free up 2024 salary cap space (Per OTC.com on January 22, 2024):


Current Cap

Restructure (savings)

Pre-June 1 trade (savings)

Post-June 1 trade (savings)

Cut Post June 1 (Savings)

Cooper Kupp

$29.8 million

($12.5 mill)

($ 2.7 mill)

($ 20.0 mill)


Joe Noteboom

$20.0 million

($9.3 mill)

($ 5.0 mill)

($ 15.0 mill)

($ 15.0 mill)

Brian Allen

$8.1 million

($3.3 mill)

($4.9 mill)

($ 7.0 mill)

($ 7.0 mill)

Tyler Higbee

$12.1 million

($ 5.3 mill)

($5.8 mill)

($ 10.0 mill)

($ 4.5 mill)

Rob Havenstein

$14.7 million

($ 7.7 mill)


($ 11.5 mill)

($ 6.5 mill)

The players listed are not arbitrary, nor are they suggestions with some hidden agenda. They are simply the LA Rams highest paid players not named Matthew Stafford or Aaron Donald.

While you could make an argument for a Rams restructure of WR Cooper Kupp, who struggled with injuries in 2023, I don't believe that the Rams will seek savings from their All-Pro receiver on one sub-par season. I do believe that the Rams will seek savings, however, from backup offensive linemen Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen. And, if they do not acquiesce to restructuring their contracts, they could face being cut outright.

Let's assume that both players agree. That will generate an additional $12.5 million to add to the team's 2024 coffers. If we ballpark the Rams available salary cap space in 2024 at about $45 million, we now have the framework to work with in terms of a budget for spending in 2024.