Rams' activating Mason Crosby shows they value experience in challenging weather conditions

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

What a difference a day makes. Despite the near certainty from LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay assured the media this week that the Rams were very likely to go with kicker Lucas Havrisik, that is not the case today. The LA Rams recently signed veteran kicker Mason Crosby, the long-time kicker for the Green Bay Packers, to the team's practice squad.

The Rams roster added Crosby after their current kicker, Lucas Havrisik, missed another field goal against the Cleveland Browns in Week 13. That miss was Havrisik's third miss in five games, prompting the Rams to conduct their fourth kicker search this season.

The Rams signed two rookie kickers this year, NC State kicker Christopher Dunn, and Oklahoma State Tanner Brown. When neither kicker panned out, the Rams scrambled to sign veteran kicker Brett Maher. Unfortunately, Maher was released after missing two of three field goals and an extra point against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rams lost that game by a score of 24-17, the seven-point margin

That led to the Rams signing Lucas Havrisik to take over the kicking duties, which also left some points on the football field. That has led to the Rams signing veteran and now activating veteran kicker Mason Crosby for Week 14.

As referenced earlier, the Rams insisted that starting Crosby in Week 14 to face the Baltimore Ravens was unlikely. So, what has changed in past 24 hours?

Making a case for Crosby to start

The Rams want to win Week 14, but the conditions are aligning to be very inhospitable for the team. so

Reason III - The LA Rams have to consider Mason Crosby's veteran experience very valuable in a game that is expected to sport horrific weather conditions. After all, the guy kicked for years at Lambeau Field, home of the frozen tundra. So a bit of rain and wind should be well within Crosby's comfort range.

Reason II - The LA Rams know that the book on Crosby is that he was losing accuracy on long-range field goals, and was losing his ability to get a touchback on kickoffs. Well, the Rams already have much of that solved, as punter Ethan Evans handles the kickoff duties for the Rams. That allows Crosby to specialize on kicking field goals alone, which is why the Rams were interested in adding him to the Rams roster.

Reason I - Despite his age, Mason Crosby's accuracy in 2022, 86.2 percent accurate, remains better than any previous kicker on the Rams roster so far this season. Brett Maher was only accurate 73.9 percent of his field goals this season. Lucas Havrisik has only kicked with 70 percent accuracy this season. While Crosby's age does not offer a lot of hope that he is a long-term answer for the Rams kicking woes this season, he does have the experience to upgrade the Rams at a crucial point in the 2023 NFL season.

I think that the Rams will look to create options for their kicking role for 2024, which could include signing K Lucas Havrisik to the PS if Crosby pans out this week. But nothing is guaranteed right now, as the wild and wet weather of Week 14 still has a role to play in who kicks for the Rams the rest of the way.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In an unexpected misdirection, the Rams elevated veteran K Mason Crosby, but opted to make him inactive for the game against the Baltimore Ravens.

I have no idea why the Rams changed their mind, but Lucas Havrisik is the kicker for the Rams this week.