Rams catch a falling star makes sense for 3 prospects, not for 3 others

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Let this star fall

There are many NFL fans, and Rams fans among them, who view Brock Bowers, the tight end out of Georgia, as a huge upgrade to any player currently on the roster. I remain unconvinced. Looking back over the Rams' offense under HC Sean McVay, this team has had its share of promising tight ends. But the only page of tight end prominence was December 2019, when the Rams leaned heavily into TE Tyler Higbee to give the offense some 'oomph.' That month, Higbee was a phenomenal offensive weapon for the Rams, putting up 522 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

But he never came close to that level of success ever again.

I am not denying that Brock Bowers may elevate his game to All-Pro status in his NFL career. But unless the Rams entire offensive formulary changes dramatically in 2024, that level of success for rookie TE Brock Bowers will not come in this offense. And even as we ooh and ahh over the potential of Bowers and his future NFL career, keep in mind that the LA Rams have invested heavily into the tight end position already.

The Rams roster currently boasts Tyler Higbee, Hunter Long, Colby Parkinson, Davis Allen, Miller Forristall, and Nikola Kalinic. Does the investment to get Brock Bowers make sense knowing that three or more of these players are likely to be outright released as a result? Bowers does add potential to the roster, but not without a fair share of headaches as well.

Catch this falling star

Perhaps one of the best fits in terms of talent level and team needs is Byron Murphy II, the defensive tackle out of Texas. In terms of need, the Rams certainly are seeking players to line up on defense and compete for a starting job on this team. In terms of talent level, Byron Murphy is a true plug-and-play option for the team in this draft. The thing is, can the team exhibit enough discipline and patience to allow Murphy to fall to them at 19? Or will the team rush ahead and trade up to ensure that they get their guy?

Murphy is compact at 6-foot-1 and 297 pounds, but he is a powerhouse of nearly pure muscle. Even with muscles bursting everywhere, he has the speed and agility to counter almost any offensive lineman tactic to keep him at bay. Because he is so powerful with a low center or gravity, he can project as an NFL nose tackle or defensive tackle. But because he is so swift and agile, he can also factor into rotating at defensive end as well.

Does he fit the team culture? He is incredibly passionate, confident and productive. He is a solid locker room presence and he continues to compete until the whistle blows the play dead. If he is there at 19, the Rams need to call out his name. He won't fall much further is this draft.

Did we miss any players who may fall in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft?

Stay tuned, because the LA Rams are loading up for some fireworks in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. And as always, thank you for reading.