Rams commit to Stafford for 2024. But questions abound over who will be his backup

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Rams unequivocally committed to Stafford for 2024

The truth behind whatever magic happens in the LA Rams offense right now is that it extends beyond the whiteboard Xs and Os from the dry marker in Coach McVay's hands. In the past, the Rams offense was brutally dependant upon the ability of Sean McVay to anticipate any and all possible scenarios for any given offensive play, and to address those scenarios with options.

With Stafford at the helm, McVay's playbook sets the stage and scene, but it's the improvisational skills of QB Matthew Stafford that makes the offense purr like a high performance engine in a race car. In many ways, the LA Rams depend on Stafford to make the entire offense work. Just look at the way Stafford elevated the production of WR Cooper Kupp in 2021.

Do you think that was an anomaly? Then consider how well Stafford ensured rookie WR Puka Nacua would play well in 2023. As talented and dynamic Puka Nacua is on the football field, he depends on the quarterback to get him the football. As far as the history of the NFL, no other quarterback was as effective at passing to a rookie wide receiver as Matthew Stafford was at passing to Puka Nacua in 2023.

And Nacua is under a rookie contract with the LA Rams until at least 2026.

That being said, it's no wonder that LA Rams HC Sean McVay was so adamant in his response when asked about the LA Rams commitment to Stafford for 2024:

Without Stafford, the current state of the Rams roster at quarterback is a bit of a shambles right now. How so? The LA Rams benefitted from an impressive outing from veteran QB Carson Wentz in an upset win over the San Francisco 49ers to end the 2023 season. But Wentz's contract is expiring. The Rams drafted a backup quarterback in rookie QB Stetson Bennett, but the team is unable or unwillingly to say whether Bennett will return for 2024.

The only other quarterback on the roster is reserve QB Dresser Winn, who may develop into a viable option for the Rams at the quarterback position in the future.