Rams draft efforts confirms these 3 things about Stetson Bennett

Los Angeles Rams, Stetson Bennett
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I: Stetson Bennett is back, baby

The toughest part of any NFL rookie is the overwhelming amount of instant changes in a player's life, all simultaneously occuring at a time of their greatest vocational vulnerability. Let's face it, moving to a new city comes with it's own level of stress. But then factor in a new job, new teammates, new coaches, new playbook, new culture, and new everything, and you've piled on the rookie to nearly their breaking point.

Some football players can shrug all of that off and get right to the competition on the football field. Others need a longer runway to take off, as they are carrying a heavier payload. Perhaps Stetson Bennett is more akin to the latter category.

It's completely understandable. For the Georgia Bulldogs, QB Stetson Bennett had risen to demi-god status. He was a walk-on football player who led his team to two consecutive NCAA National Championships. He was college football's version of NFL legendary QB Tom Brady. But when he arrived to the LA Rams in 2023, he was just one more rookie quarterback who had to prove himself all over.

And yes, in his second and third preseason games, he struggled.

If the team had concerns, they had numerous opportunities to select another quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. The fact that they didn't is evidence that they have seen Stetson Bennett in 2024, and like what they see. Even as he has to prove himself once more, Stetson Bennett is back, baby.

Yes he could struggle once more.

But the team has upgraded the entire quarterback support system for the 2024 NFL season. With a new coaching core on staff that specializes in developing hurlers, this is a new beginning for both Stetson Bennett and the team.

It's a sequel that you won't want to miss. And as always, thanks for reading.