Rams draft road leads to Rome? And other Day 3 combine recaps

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More QB chatter

With the ever shifting 2024 NFL Draft big boards, the rearranging of hot players whose stocks are rising rapidly to higher spots on the draft board may seem like a non-event for the LA Rams draft strategy. But the thing is this, if the team is not targeting one of the rapid risers, they will take a spot of other players, who will fall to the Rams at 19. That is why the Rams should weigh any decision about trading up in Round 1 very carefully.

But there was more quarterback information from Group III that simply Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy. Some great news was reported about Washington quarterback Michael Penix that could boost his stock as well:

Washington QB Michael Penix entered the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine with significant medical questions. After suffering a shoulder injury and a pair of ACLs, he was one of the players whose stock could rise or fall simply from the medical results. But the word is that he passed his medical exam with flying colors.

If early projections hold, Washington QB Michael Penix may very likely be on the board when the Rams make the selection at 19. Should the Rams opt for a future franchise quarterback if he is there? It's a tough decision, because the team may not have a high enough pick to land a highly talented quarterback down the road.

Pay me now, or pay me later? Tough decision.