Rams draft road leads to Rome? And other Day 3 combine recaps

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How about those running backs?

The LA Rams may have three running backs returning for the 2024 NFL season, but the value of the position has become so depressed in terms of team impact that prospects at the position have become insane value for NFL teams to reconsider investing in the position once more. And you can bet that the Rams are leading the way.

It helps that the team has found a new hero for the running game. RB Kyren Williams put up over 1000 rushing yards for the team, despite missing four games. But the team has to be very cautious, as the willingness to stick with one hot rusher has proven to be problematic in terms of long term success at running the football.

Williams is a great runner, but injuries in his first two seasons is a clear red light on the offensive dashboard to aim for another runner. And yes, there are some pretty fast rookie prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft class.

Word is already out that the team has met with Notre Dame power back Audric Estime, and Estime is absolutely one of the running backs who I could easily get behind if chosen.

Estime is a sold 5-foot-11 221-pound workhorse who loves to run with the football. That is not just from handoffs and pitch-outs, but rather as a receiver after the catch as well.

This young man is a bona fide touchdown machine, putting up 29 rushing touchdowns in the past two seasons at Notre Dame, and 18 in 2023. He was a teammate of RB Kyren Williams in 2021, but was a seldom used freshman that season.

Estime is an ideal addition to the offense. He is a potential thunder runner to Kyren Williams lightning. He breaks arm tackles, won't be denied from crossing the plane if he is near the end zone, and just runs with power and authority. He could be one of the missing links to an unstoppable offense.

If he is on the board when the Rams step up to make the 100th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, I will be ecstatic if his name is called out. He is a stomper, and could extend the career of Kyren Williams by years if the team allows Estime to share the load.