Rams FA discounts prove players believe in team in 2024

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay, Les Snead / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Rams re-sign players at bargain prices

While the interest in LA Rams former players is not as hot in 2024 as it had been in past years, the team was not ignorant of the fact that good value does not rely on fans approval. The team's front office holds themselves to a high standard with every player signed or re-signed. Whether is a complete run-down from data analytics, or shrewd scouts who vet the player, either internally or externally, the team seems to find players who can contribute.

Of course, no system is perfect or flawless. But for the most part, the front office does an admirable job of restocking talented players.

So how can we judge players from their economic footprint? Well, with 5 categories:

  • Bad Value - This is a player who is paid at or better than market price, but whose history or fit do not justify such an investment.
  • Poor Value - This is a player who is paid below market value, but whose history or fit does not justify even that modest investment.
  • Neutral Value - This is a player whose contract and projected production on this team are closely aligned.
  • Good Value - This is a player whose projected production of the team outperforms a contract at below or at fair market value.
  • Great Value - This is a player who agreed to a below-market or team-friendly contract, and who is expected to outperform his peers.

RB Ronnie Rivers (1 year, $985,000) - However you view the production and or potential of RB Ronnie Rivers, one thing is certain. The price is right. Not every player on an NFL team's roster must have All-Pro potential. Niche roles are just as important on championship teams, and Rivers is a great value for his role. Because he runs in a similar style and is nearly an identical size to feature RB Kyren Williams, he is a perfect understudy to give Williams in-game rests while he steps in to take over. He saves wearing down the tread on Williams too quickly.

Good value

OLB Michael Hoecht (1 year, $2,985,000) - Whether a starter or rotational player, getting an outside linebacker for less than $3 million, one who can generate 6.0 quarterback sacks and 81 tackles is a huge value for this defense. Hoecht's 2023 production places him at the level of Eagles DT Jalen Carter ($5 million), ahead of Chargers DE Morgan Fox ($4.75 million), and just behind Charges OLB Joey Bosa ($30 million). Curiously, most comments that mention Hoecht cite his shortcomings. Is he perfect? Not even close.

The thing is, he is not paid the $30+ million to be. Hoecht played his first full season as an outside linebacker in 2023 and will get better this year as he gets more experience under his belt. Why focus on what he doesn't do when there is so much to like about what he does? He brings hard work, versatility, and determination to this defense.

Great Value