Rams FA discounts prove players believe in team in 2024

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay, Les Snead / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Darious Williams (3 years, $22,500,000) - The LA Rams landed a former player who is an instant upgrade to this secondary in defensive back Darious Williams. While some discount him because he is shorter in stature than they like, his presence has always cast a large shadow over the secondary.

Ignore his size for just a moment. He is a huge presence in any defense, and continues to prove year after year that he delivers among the best in the NFL:

Don't just take my word for it. Check out what CBS Sports writer Cody Benjamin had to say on the subject:

"Big money? Not anymore, at this position. Williams is returning to Los Angeles on a deal that does not even crack the list of top 20 earners at corner, yet he is fresh off a ball-magnet season for the Jaguars in which he logged four picks and a career-high 19 pass breakups. Cornerback is notoriously volatile, and going on 31, a drop-off is possible. But the resurgent Rams suddenly look a lot better in the secondary once again."

CBS Sports NFL reporter Cody Benjamin

This secondary needed to get better instantly, and just one free agent addition later, they did.

Great value

Kamren Curl (2 years, $8,750,000) - The Washington Commanders have a new general manager and head coach. That often means rebuilding the team, and that is almost certainly what lies in the Commanders' future. But DB Kamren Curl, who has spent four seasons with that team 'rebuilding,' has lost his patience to sign for Round II of that battle.

Early reports are that Curl agreed to sign with the Rams on a two-year deal valued at $8,750,000, but which could be worth a total of $13 million. Of course, we have to await the contract details to confirm any of that. But we do know that Curl was the second-highest free agent this year. Projections for his 2024 salary have varied, but many sites had him commanding a huge salary going forward.

I'd spent some time reviewing video footage, articles, and social media about Kamren Curl, and each new one seems to top the previous one in terms of showing a defensive back who loves to tackle, loves to make plays on the football, excels at coverage skills, and seems to bury the needle in terms of passion for football. He may be my favorite new addition to the team. He is certainly a bargain

Great value

In the end, players seem to accept less than market value to sign with this team. That may just be good salesmanship on the part of the Rams football organization, but I believe there is more to it than that. Players want to be part of something special, to enjoy success. I believe that the Rams have that reputation right now.

We'll all know after the 2024 NFL season gets underway.