Rams fans have a right to be angry...but not for the reasons you're thinking

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Offensive strategy

I want to know what LA Rams' Head Coach Sean McVay was thinking with his offensive play calling in Week 3. The Bengals entered this game ranked 10th overall in passing defense allowing 195.5 passing yards per game. On the ground, the Bengals ranked 32nd in rushing defense allowing 192 yards per game. That is the worst running defense in the NFL, period. The Rams may not have the best-rushing offense in the NFL, but it was incredibly efficient in the Red Zone.

You would think knowing this Sean McVay would run the ball down their throats right? WRONG! Instead, the LA Rams offense ran the ball a total of 13 times. Of those 13 rushing attempts, two runs were gimmick plays by Rams wide receivers TuTu Atwell and Van Jefferson respectively, and another was a scramble by QB Matthew Stafford late in the game when the play broke down. That meant that the Rams ran just 10 times with the running back.

Looking at it another way, of those 13 rushing attempts, eight of them came in the first half meaning they only ran the ball 5 times in the second half. The play calling was so bad that the Rams could not have been more obvious than if the Rams had just called up the Bengals' defense on headsets and told them what they planned to do with the football.

Rams strategy was flawed

It became so obvious that the Rams were only passing that the Bengals' defense just put more DBs on the field because there was no threat to run. This reason alone is the biggest reason why the Rams lost the game and Coach McVay needs to do more than just say:

" This loss is on me, I should have run the ball more "

Rams HC Sean McVay

Excuses become disingenuous when apologetic words are used repeatedly with no change to the Rams' offensive direction. To the hopeful Rams fans, it is starting to sound like a broken record. Oh and one last thing...why did he finally call a goal-line run play with less than 2 minutes left in the game and no timeouts?