Rams fans have a right to be angry...but not for the reasons you're thinking

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Red Zone, 3rd-down conversions, and McVay's history

The LA Rams entered Week 3 leading the NFL in both third-down conversions and Red Zone scoring percentages. Unfortunately, the Rams' offense dropped rapidly as the team found success on third down conversions just once of 11 opportunities. Additionally, the Rams made it into the Red Zone a total of four times tonight scoring only one touchdown via a passing play from QB Matthew Stafford to WR Tutu Atwell that in all essence came Tu-Little-Tu late making the Rams' Red Zone touchdown percentage a measly 25 percent.

The glaring problem in their Week 3 loss was the number of times that I found myself asking: What is McVay thinking? First, McVay has historically lost many many games when abandoning the run like he did tonight. It would take too long to calculate the actual number, but if you do your research the data is out there. I did do my research on this next little item, however. McVay is historically bad at winning games when tied or behind at halftime. When leading at the half, McVay has an overall record (playoffs included) of 50-5. When McVay has been tied or trailed at halftime, however, he has a record of 18-37. Fans must wonder why this is. Does he not know how to adjust? Does he give up? Does he panic? From what we witness in this game and the other loss, perhaps there is a correlation to losing because the Rams offense simply abandons running the football.

Moving Forward

The Rams will enter Week 4 with their virtual fourth away game of the season against the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, readers, I said the fourth away game purposefully, because their homeowner against the San Francisco 49ers felt more like an away game than a home game. The 49ers even wore their home jerseys that game.

The Indianapolis Colts open Week 4 as a slight favorite (likely due to being the home team) so this should be a good bounce-back game for the Rams to notch their second win. I fear if the Rams lose this game that it will be too little too late as the odds of a 1-3 team making the playoffs are extremely small. All signs are pointing to the fact that Indianapolis Colts rookie QB Anthony Richardson will be available and playing in this one. Now we will have the chance to see how the Rams plan to contain his running ability.