Rams fans hope GM Les Snead knows what he's doing with this pick

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The LA Rams need plenty of special team specialists to compete in the 2023 NFL season, so it was not a shock whatsoever that the LA Rams selected a punter during the 2023 NFL Draft. The only puzzlement to affect the LA Rams fan base is: Who the heck is Ethan Evans, and why di the LA Rams front office ignore so many draftable punters to go grab this guy?

For starters, punter Ethan Evans is the first player outside of Division I to be drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft. He played football in Division II for Wingate and made quite a name for himself.

For starters, he averaged 45.7 yards per punt. Because he competed in Division II, he was not scouted hard, and has next to nothing in terms of NFL Draft profiles. But we did find some video footage to take a look at.

Per his college profile, Ethan Evans enjoyed a robust collegiate career. While he has been described as a punter, he can also be a kicker as well, albeit in a pinch. Fo his punting stats, he punted 77 times in 2022 for 3518 yards, 19 fair catches, 39 punts inside the 20, and 30 punts of 50+ yards. While he does nave a need to accelerate his delivery, he has jaw-dropping hang time.

Here are some more highlights. Check out some of those monster kicks.

The question is, did the LA Rams outflank the other 31 NFL teams in landing one of the top punting prospects of the rookie draft class of 2023? Or did the LA Rams play themselves, foregoing a chance to land a solid punter, and went for broke by trying to make a 'discovery'?

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Well, we'll find out soon enough. The LA Rams certainly need a starting punter. And the skillset of Ethan Evans, getting significant hang time, makes me enthusiastic to see and hear about his performance.