Rams free agency: Dotson's dilemma pivots on going for bank or bling

The Rams experience with former FA OLB Von Miller has left me realizing that free agents determine their own destiny, and must choose between bank or bling when free agency finally arrives.

Kevin Dotson, Los Angeles Rams
Kevin Dotson, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Many of the LA Rams fanbase seems to have weighed in on the imminent free agency status of interior offensive lineman Kevin Dotson and his first opportunity to self determine his own destiny. Until now, his NFL career has followed an NFL direction that had landed him to compete for the Pittsburgh Steelers until he was demoted and eventually traded to the LA Rams. Now, for the first time in his professional football career, fans are insisting that the team must sign him.

But the Rams no longer have the cotractual leverage to compel Dotson to willingly extend his contract to play in horns in 2024. The best that the team can do is offer him a reasonable amount of money, and hope that his experience in Los Angeles California was so positive and fulfilling that he will gladly sign on the dotted line.

But it's his choice, something that gets lost in the shuffle right now.

If nothing else, the experience over the failed attempt to re-sign veteran OLB Von Miller, a valuable free agent, has taught me that the organization can do everything the right way, and still lose out to a player who finally has an opportunity to reunite with a former coach or player, move to a part of the country that they favor over Los Angeles, California, or simply want to line their pockets than GM Les Snead is willing to pay.

And who can blame the players? The upheaval of just up and moving due to a football player's contractual obligations forces players to pull up their roots and go. That impacts their personal lives, plus the lives of their family and friends too. And it's all for a career that may not last even four years. After all, professional football is a violent sport. Who can truly blame a guy for trying to get the most money that he can think of as quickly as possible?

Interior offensive lineman Kevin Dotson has made it four seasons in the NFL. Now, with an expriing rookie contract, he has his first opportunity to score a big payday. Will he focus on seeking the biggest paycheck? Or does the chance of winning a Super Bowl with his new team appeal to him? Let's break down the Dotson dilemma so we can all see what he is up against:

Dotson's dilemma pivots on going for bank or bling

  1. I: Go for the bank
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