Rams Group I feature: Is a 2nd Kobie Turner hiding in 2024 NFL Draft?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Day 2 prospects

T’Vondre Sweat, Texas

While a bit bigger than Turner at 6-foot-4 and 362 pounds, DL T'Vondre Sweat is a projectied 3-tech defensive tackle who is a spectacular run defender. He is constantly working at the line of scrimmage, and never takes a play off. Unlike many rookie prospects, Sweat may be urged to down to 340 pounds to build stamina and endurance. Currently projected Round 2

Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson

Another taller than Turner prospect, DL Ruke Orhorhoro stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 290 pounds. Possessing a wrestling background, Orhorhoro commands excellent body control and balance, which defaults him as a stalemate at the line of scrimmage, which is as good as a win on running plays. While he has work to do to create pressure on passing downs, he is a three-down prospect. Currently projected late-Round 2

Braden Fiske, Florida State

DT Braden Fisk is a 6-foot-3 295-pound defensive line prospect out of Florida State who looks every bit the part of an NFL nose tackle. He is a wide-bodied defensive tackle who expresses tremendous strength and footwork to gain and keep the advantage at the point of attack. He has a sneaky effective pass rush that sometimes gets overlooked. Projected Round 3

Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State

6-foot-2 280-pound defensive tackle Michael Hall Jr. out of Ohio State is a promising defensive tackle prospect for the Rams, as he is a compact but incredibly powerful defensive lineman who loves to work and never stops until the whistle blows. He plays both the run and pass well, but he brings a tireless pass rush to the defensive front. His strong hands toss blockers to the side effortlessly. Keep him on your radar. Projected Round 3